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Couples Sit-Out Own Wedding to Save Money

Young people across America are realizing they can’t afford their happily ever after. Derek Thompson, a senior editor at The Atlantic who writes about economics, explained that young Americans in the Millennial generation have been pushing back getting married in large part because of a tough economy and their college debt.

Thompson wrote for The Atlantic Magazine about the financial burden borne by young couples financing their own Weddings. Engaged couples have to figure out how to pay for the wedding expenses while dealing with school debt and lower paying jobs caused by the recession. Many young people are also delaying the dreams of buying a home and having children that go along with getting married and building a life together. A wedding is a daunting and often stressful process with money being spent on the venue, vendors, rings, clothing, and many other related expenses. People in the past often received more family support when getting married, but today’s young people are expected to create an independent life on their own.

While modern couples are often waiting to save up the money for a wedding and sometimes moving back in with their parents, you don’t always have to put your dreams on hold. Getting a personal loan to help pay for some or all of the wedding can help the big day happen sooner rather than later.

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