Which States Are Giving Back the Most in Unclaimed Money

Recently, Deb Goldberg, the Massachusetts state treasurer, was quoted as saying, “To the New Kids on the Block, you got it, unclaimed property that is. We have the right stuff to get you what’s rightfully yours. Call our office and begin the

Class Action Lawsuits, although the subject of many robo-call complaints, allows consumers to team up against corporations and pays out damages more often than not. Photo by sirtravelalot

Are Class Action Lawsuits Going Away

Allen David’s cell phone number is inundated with robo-calls. He doesn’t know why; he uses his phone exclusively for business (and the occasional text message from his grown children) but he answers its ring up to 20 times a day, only to hear a “Please

Since the 1970s San Francisco has been a competitive market for timeshares but ultimately turned upside down resulting in a glut of supply. The market may be reversing thanks to new buyers entering the market.

Timeshare Owners Look Forward to Demand Surge

Gary Newton of San Francisco isn’t the only one with a bad taste in his mouth from timeshare ownership. He, along with many other timeshare owners, have been looking for ways to get rid of their unwanted timeshares but are struggling to