Since the 1970s San Francisco has been a competitive market for timeshares but ultimately turned upside down resulting in a glut of supply. The market may be reversing thanks to new buyers entering the market.

Timeshare Owners Look Forward to Demand Surge

Gary Newton of San Francisco isn’t the only one with a bad taste in his mouth from timeshare ownership. He, along with many other timeshare owners, have been looking for ways to get rid of their unwanted timeshares but are struggling to

Research doctors find that vast majority of patients are missing out on health care options because they don't understand their insurance quotes. A handful of free sources offer simplified health insurance quotes.

Doctors Urge Patients, Read Your Health Insurance Quote

A survey showed that just 14 percent of insured people understood deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, explain George Loewenstein, PhD, and Saurabh Bhargava, PhD, both economics professors at Carnegie Mellon University. This is unfortunate because understanding the four parts of a health insurance

New students participate in orientation at Hastings College in Nebraska where students pay up to $40,000 per year to attend with at least 5% expected to default on their loans after graduation.

College Students Step Into Two Types of Debt Consolidation

Some people are fortunate enough to have a successful kin pay off their student loan debt, like NFL cornerback Logan Ryan taking care of his brother’s $82,000 bill from engineering school. But most recent graduates aren’t so lucky and are burdened by

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What It’s Like to Really Need Home Insurance

It might feel like throwing money away on home insurance, but imagine being caught in the aftermath of something like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Home insurance made a major difference for residents of the Seagate neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. It was clear in

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Gen Z Schools Millennials on Education Debt

The age group known as Generation Z or Gen Z, born around 1996, are the most recent to hit the workforce and are already having a revolution of their own. Their strife is against education debt. Learning from the struggles of the Millennial

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Alternative Ways to Finance a Car

Ellen Ferretto was discouraged in a matter of minutes after learning her local Houston, Texas car dealership was going to charge her $450 a month to purchase a used car at 9% interest rate. Ferretto knew she was being overcharged, and desperate.